Letter to the editor: October 23rd, 2014

This past week here in Sackville, I attended a wonderful public presentation: one of the Canadian series of The Walrus Talks.  “The Art Of Conversation” was hosted by Mount Allison University.  Seven prominent Canadian women each related meaningful thoughts on certain conversations. It was well worth the $10 ticket.

However, I wonder if the organizers are aware that their sponsor, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, is very heavily threatening the future of New Brunswick.  The only conversation that CAPP offers is the highly controversial one that leads to the development of the unconventional shale gas (fracking) industry here in our beautiful province. Enbridge Gas (full page ad in the current Walrus) is currently suing the New Brunswick government for $7,500,000.  Corridor Resources is currently suing our province for $100,000.

I enjoyed listening to “The Art Of Conversation” and congratulate the organizers for bringing such a wonderful, thoughtful group of women together.  For the sake of our next generations, it is critical to divest of fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy.

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