Media Reviews: October 23rd

Gravity Falls (The Disney Channel) and Coyote – Proof of Life (Fountain Pop Records, Sept. 9)

Coyote – Proof of Life (Fountain Pop Records, Sept. 9)

As evidenced on their new album, Proof of Life, Coyote has mastered the holy triumvirate of pop music: catchy licks, smooth harmonies, and pulsing rhythms. Combining keyboard-driven riffs with misty and powerful vocals, the Charlottetown-based group exemplifies the indie pop genre while bringing something fresh to the table.

The album begins explosively with “Your House,” immediately immersing the listener in the band’s addictive sound. The next two tracks, “Old News” and “Melody/Harmony,” take things down a couple of notches with a cool, jazzy feel and a focus on guitar.

Notable tracks include “Future Love,” easily the album’s strongest recording. Starting small with syncopated intervals and swelling to a satisfying climax, this inspiring tune is perfect for a quick self-esteem boost.

Overall, I encourage you to check out this album. With such a complex and diverse sound, Proof of Life is sure to stick in your memory and become a staple of your music library.

Daniel Marcotte

Gravity Falls (The Disney Channel)

Being a young adult with a generally unusual taste in entertainment, my eyeballs receive a steady diet of cartoons. These are my thoughts on one of them.

Gravity Falls follows Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel, who are sent off to live with their Great Uncle “Grunkle” Stan. Soon after arriving, Dipper finds a journal in the woods describing the unexplained events in the town, and thus the adventure of the Pines twins begins.

When watching the show, the first thing that got my attention was its theme song: a wordless yet excessively catchy tune. The show also contains a diverse array of jokes that range from silly to witty. Each character has a different personality and charm, with the continuous narrative and subplots providing suspense and anticipation for future episodes. Easter eggs and cultural references are icing on the animated cake.

Gravity Falls is a fun, unique and surprisingly intelligent show. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys cartoons.

Gabriel Christie

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