Conference hosts green leaders

Environmental community gathers for CANECT.

From April 29nd to May 1st, Canada’s environmentalist community gathered for the annual Canadian Environmental Conference and Tradeshow (CANECT) in Toronto. CANECT is Canada’s leading environmental management and compliance training forum, annually attracting some 300 conference registrants and speakers as well as thousands of additional tradeshow attendees. CANECT registrants included environmental managers, plant personnel, government policy-makers, lawyers, and consultants with responsibilities for environmental affairs. Over seventy top-notch presenters, representing Canada’s leading-edge environmental trainers, lawyers, consultants, managers, administrators, and health and safety practitioners, were scheduled to participate in the nine courses during this year’s event. The event also gathered over 400 exhibitors for Canada’s largest environmental and health and safety exhibition, showcasing the newest technologies and products that would help bring Canada to a greener future.

The event played venue for a number of high-profile speakers. Clara Hughes, a medalist in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, spoke about the obstacles she overcame to achieve her Olympic dream. She is also the designated spokesperson for Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk” campaign, which raises awareness and encourages dialogue about mental health. Leonard Brody, who has been called “a controversial leader of the new world order,” spoke on how technology will continue to revolutionize the workplace, and how corporations can steer toward innovation and growth. And Dr. Linda Duxbury of the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University spoke about the balance between work and life, and how a change of attitude can change environments in both the public and private sectors.

As an attendee, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the booths and speakers that were brought to this event. Though the exhibition was free of admission charge, and not many people appeared to take advantage of it, leaving them unable to see all of the potential solutions that people had come up with for Canada. For a country that was known as “the fossil of the world” for our environmental procedures and action, CANECT takes a step forward and shows the progress that our country has made over the past few years. Since this is an annual event, it is shocking to see how much this event has expanded over the past year, which shows how Canadian attitudes toward the environment are shifting. Speaking with some exhibitors, I was able to discuss solutions to specific problems, such as the enforcement of regulations, as well as gain insights into new standards and the best management practices to start the process. 

I found that this event offered something to people from all sorts of fields, from geography, economics, or the arts. CANECT brought considerable knowledge and solutions that could be implemented into our everyday life. The attempt to get these solutions from the prototype phase to the final product will be an exciting event for all to witness.

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