Street food abounds at SappyFest

The Argosy dishes on the best and the wurst.

Fish tacos – $8 for two at The Everyday

The fish tacos from The Everyday are easily one of the best dishes available at SappyFest this year. Atlantic cod, pickled red cabbage, and aioli on a warm corn tortilla come together for a sublime snack. Despite the small serving, these tacos were easily worth the $8. Get two orders and make it a meal. Verdict: we’ll be back.

K-dog – $6 at Food Wolf

The K-dog, available from Food Wolf is a respectable hot dog. Spicy, but not too spicy, this tube steak is topped with kimchi for heat, green onion and bacon for crunch, held together by “wolf Korean mayo.” Our only complaint? The bun for this all-beef bad-boy could’ve been a little heftier for a more filling meal. Verdict: a pretty good Sappy snack.

Chinese veg. noodles – $6 at Food Wolf

These noodles, served warm, pack some heat. Comprised of noodles and the kind of mixed vegetables one might expect from a dish called “Chinese veg noodles,” this entrée was pleasingly simple, leaving nothing to surprise. A dash of Sriracha (available at the truck) ratcheted up the heat and added a pleasant sharpness, but these noodles were just fine without. Verdict: a filling vegetarian option, sure to please even a dedicated carnivore.

Big Jane Mufferaw – $7 at Cinnabunny

The Big Jane Mufferaw is a big grilled cheese. Served on two wide but thin slices of sourdough, the cream cheese and cheddar melt together for a creamy backbone, while green onion and plentiful bacon give this sandwich a little something extra. While the side of kettle chips and a gherkin for garnish were nice, we’d trade them for a bigger Big Jane in a heartbeat. Verdict: if you like grilled cheese, this is your sandwich.

Spicy pork tacos – $6 for two at The Everyday

While “spicy” may be a bit of a misnomer, these tacos, consisting of pork, salsa verde, salsa fresca and cabbage on a warm corn tortilla, are more authentic than the average Canadian taco. Be warned: if you desire anything more than a snack, get two orders. Verdict: spend an extra $2 for the fish.

Cinnamon bun – $3, or $5 for two at Cinnabunny

Looking for dessert? Look no further. Cinnabunny’s cinnamon buns are baked from scratch in Sackville by the all-local Cinnabunny crew, and it shows. This generously sized and heavy weight pastry is flavoured with just enough cinnamon and a healthy dollop of cream cheese icing. Verdict: get one before they run out.

Oktoberfest sausage – $4, or $7 for two at the Pickles barbecue

Sometimes, only the simplest meal will do, and the Oktoberfest sausage from Pickles (available at the barbecue parked out front) is a good choice for those looking to get back to basics. The sausage is grilled and served up plain on a well-made white bun. Condiments available include ketchup, and various mustards and relishes, but sadly, no sauerkraut. The sausage also came without a napkin or plate, so if you buy one, be prepared to eat without putting it down. Verdict: a safe bet for both the bargain hunter and the gastronomically unadventurous.

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