Mansbridge interns learn beyond the classroom

Lia D’Abate worked at Stanford lab over summer.

Each spring the Mansbridge Internship, established by Mount Allison University Chancellor Peter Mansbridge, provides a third year student with a valuable leadership development opportunity in their chosen field. According to 2012 Mansbridge Internship recipient Lia D’Abate, the experience is an incredible opportunity and she encourages students to submit an application.

The $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who then coordinates their own placement in a field of their choice. The internship, established in 2011, was first awarded to Monica Jepson who pursued an experience with a medicine based internship in Kenya. D’Abate, last year’s intern told The Argosy that the internship “gives students the chance to have work experience they may not have chances to access otherwise.”

D’Abate spent the summer at Stanford University in a lab working with signalling pathways and development of the pancreas. Speaking about her experience she said, “I didn’t properly understand it before I went.” D’Abate explained that the experience was challenging but she enjoying doing work that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do at Mt. A. “The Mansbridge Internship is so unique to this school,” explained D’Abate. “It’s wonderful to have a school and chancellor that are so supportive of the students.” Her research at Stanford was an unpaid position and the money provided by the Mansbridge Internship allowed her to pursue the opportunity and help with living expenses during the summer.

D’Abate is currently completing her honours in biology and plans to graduate this May. She plans to pursue her masters and is grateful to have had the opportunity to try different things before focusing on developmental biology.

Newly reappointed Chancellor of Mt. A, Mansbridge has stated, “the internship is meant to provide students with an experience that builds on what they learn in the classroom,” and that,  “such perspective is vital in today’s world.”

 The Internship is open to all Mt. A students in their third year of study and aims to facilitate academic and experiential learning opportunities for the recipient. One of the features of the internship includes an aspect of community service for the Mt. A and Sackville community after the completion of summer work.

“I think it’s great that Mt. A is investing in students, “ said D’Abate. “I want to thank Peter Mansbridge, Dr. Campbell and Ron Byrne for this opportunity. I urge everyone to apply.”

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