Mob mentality and youthful binge drinking possible causes of the crimes Local bar Thunder and Lightning has recently been hit with several petty thefts. Owner Glenn Barrington, who purchased the bar in August 2016, decorates the bar with his own personal effects. Recently, some small prints were stolen from the bathrooms. Barrington finds that small […]

The University will host the prestigious youth program for a month this upcoming summer On Oct. 24 Mount Allison announced that it will host the youth summer program, SHAD, in July 2018. The program brings together high-achieving high school students from around the world to Canadian university campuses for a month-long program of STEAM (science, […]

Mount Allison hosts a lecture from Canada’s former Ambassador to Japan on his life’s work What does a life in the foreign services look like? On Nov. 1, Mackenzie Clugston, Canada’s former ambassador to Japan, asked James Devine’s introductory political science class to answer this question, as well as addressed topics of both the current […]

Local organization lobbying for updated facilities and programs in Sackville’s public schools Outdated public schools in Sackville may be a threat to the community’s reputation as a learning community. Sackville Schools 2020 is a group of community members who are working to prevent this by bringing 21st-century education to Salem Elementary, Marshview Middle School and […]

Thomas Snooks is a fourth-year honours student studying in the department of psychology “My honours project is an examination of scheduling effects using fixed and variable ratio reinforcement schedules with operant wheel running and lever pressing behavior in rats. I’ve been working under the supervision of Dr. Terry Belke for the last year and a […]