Honours student research profiles

Thomas Snooks is a fourth-year honours student studying in the department of psychology

“My honours project is an examination of scheduling effects using fixed and variable ratio reinforcement schedules with operant wheel running and lever pressing behavior in rats. I’ve been working under the supervision of Dr. Terry Belke for the last year and a half and I am incredibly excited to see where this project takes me! There is very little research on scheduling effects using variable ratios with wheel running as the operant behavior, and significant results could provide the structural integrity for further investigations on the topic in the future (a publication would be pretty cool as well!).”

Kaetiy Dunning is a fourth-year honours student studying in the department of biochemistry

“Have you ever wondered why salt water smells different than fresh water? It is largely due to a small sulfur-containing molecule called DMSP. DMSP is produced by some marine algae and helps protect the plants against environmental stresses. It also has important roles in global climate regulation. DMSP is produced in a four-step enzyme-mediated pathway starting from the amino acid methionine. My honours research with Dr. Jeffrey Waller focuses around cloning and characterizing one of the enzymes in this pathway. If you peek into the greenhouse on the side of Barclay, you can see some of our algae growing (and producing DMSP)!”

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