Students discuss binge drinking at Mt. A According to Maclean’s magazine, Mount Allison is the top undergraduate school in Canada – but we all already knew that. Another Maclean’s study suggests that Mt. A is seventh on the list of top party schools in Canada, claiming that the average Mt. A student parties for approximately […]

Sexual assault can have a variety of short- and long-term effects on mental health. Many survivors report flashbacks of their assault and feelings of shame, isolation, shock, confusion and guilt. Longer term, some people experience depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. So, what are some resources that are available to survivors of sexual violence, […]

How to adjust your diet for optimal midterm results Dieticians and nutritionists have linked specific foods to increased cognitive function, which may be able to give students an extra boost during the process of writing midterms and exams. Darlene Teahen, a local registered holistic nutritionist, recommended the consumption of good fatty acids year round, but […]

Even as the only club team in their division, Mt. A continues to be competitive. The Mounties cross-country team has established a strong presence so far this season as a club team competing against nearby schools. They compete against Holland College, Dalhousie Agricultural College, MSVU and Crandall, whose cross-country teams hold varsity status. At their […]

Mount Allison University preparing for the legalization of Cannabis In light of the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, the Wellness Centre held an informative session called Get Up to Speed on Weed. The session was held on Sept. 24, with the goal of educating students, staff and members of the community. The session discussed […]

A Conspiracy… The year is 2007. You’re watching Total Drama Island in the comfort of your parents’ living room. The episode comes to an end, and just as you start reaching for the remote, a familiar song echoes through the screen. They have your attention. You want only one thing. Yop de mama. Now is […]

What’s up, nerds. It’s ya boy Trill comin’ back with another batch of hot tips. Aight, so I’m seriously starting to run out of good ideas for tips so if you guys have anything you want/need tips on let me know. Also this whole finding contributors thing is becoming more difficult than anticipated so if […]

Community members reflect on the recognition of Canada’s residential school survivors “Every child matters, not just white, privileged children, not just children that are from good homes. Every child matters and that includes Indigenous children,” said Patty Musgrave, Mount Allison’s Indigenous affairs coordinator. This past Thursday, students, faculty and staff across campus wore orange T-shirts […]

The first talk of this year’s Geography and Environment seminar series looks at tracing environmental damage on an ecosytem through the layers of sediment in the closest lake On Wednesday, Dr. Joshua Kurek gave the first talk of the geography and environment department’s new lecture series. Kurek spoke on the legacy of persistent pollutants associated […]