The program provides 24/7 mobile support for all students Due to a recent change in counsellors at the Wellness Centre, Mount Allison has introduced a new virtual counselling service for students. Mt. A is partnering with Morneau Shepell, a Canadian human resources and technology company, to introduce the Student Support Program (My SSP). This program […]

Take Back the Night rallies emphasize the importance of feeling safe The fear of walking alone at night is something every woman, femme and transgender person, or any individual who was socialized as female, knows all too well; worse still is the fear of being sexually assaulted by someone lurking in the dark. Although statistics […]

Dr. Annie Roy-Carland discusses her research on deciphering real, fake or suppressed pain On Nov. 2, Dr. Annie Roy-Charland from the Université de Moncton gave a seminar on reading facial expressions of pain in children. Roy-Charland’s talk focused on the ability of parents and nurses to discern whether children are experiencing genuine, fake or suppressed […]

It that time of year again. Almost kind of winter. Now sometimes I thinking, why it get so dark early now? Do it really be like that? I ask my science friend: “Why it get so dark early now?” and she say it just b like that sometime. Now that REALLY got me thinkin. Why […]

I sure did have an eventful weekend. IDK about you but the weather was like the least of my worries on Saturday lol. I was a WAY bigger hazard to myself and others. YEEHAW. Argosy Staff Party 2k18 was fucking lit, or maybe I was just sloshed the whole time and had no idea what […]

A centenary symposium was held by the department of music to honour French impressionist composer Claude Debussy One hundred years after his death, Claude Debussy’s music is still considered to be some of the most beautiful and influential to this day. Thought to be one of the most original of “modern” composers, Debussy’s French style, […]