Why It so Dark Early?

It that time of year again. Almost kind of winter. Now sometimes I thinking, why it get so dark early now? Do it really be like that? I ask my science friend: “Why it get so dark early now?” and she say it just b like that sometime. Now that REALLY got me thinkin. Why do it b like that sometime? I ask my friend Siri: “OK Google, Alexa, hey Siri: Y it get so dark early all the time?” and the answer may surprise. It turn out that basically since it’s No-Nut November we r enter a time of extreme darkness due to lack of nuts. Think abt it. When is darkest hour? It is when no nut. Feel me? Yeah. So basically god and nature understand internal darkness of No-Nut November and match with real-life outside darkness. Now while I was write this article my friend Matt asked me, “Why Oprah Winfrey make so much money?” Easy. She have TV. Anyone who make money have TV. OK that it. I am now going to UN conference bc basically am genius. Thank you.

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