@SheRatesDogs, humour, and the horrors of online harassment In mid-December, a new Twitter account called @SheRatesDogs was created, and though the name of the account is reminiscent of another account that rates our canine friends based on cuteness, the “dogs” rated on @SheRatesDogs are of another variety. This new account rates terrible texts, tweets and […]

An exhilarating matchup last week has us looking forward to the upcoming home game Mount Allison’s women’s volleyball team faced Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) this past Saturday, Jan. 19, in a four-set matchup here in Sackville. MSVU is currently ranked first in the league with 24 points, while Mt. A trails behind by only […]

Taking the time to move for your mental well-being Exercise is frequently discussed in terms of its physical benefits, but its psychological benefits are often forgotten. Exercise can have psychological benefits, which many people are unaware of, and can have a positive impact one’s overall well-being. When a person exercises, there are both short-term and […]

Mounties now looking hopefully towards the championship During the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) Badminton Tournament, the Mounties badminton team took first place, followed by University of King’s College in second and Dalhousie Agricultural Campus in third. This has not been the badminton team’s first successful season: in the past 10 seasons, the Mounties have […]

Dr. Lauren Beck speaks about her North American research on Westernized toponymy On Jan. 16, the Geography and Environment Seminar series welcomed Dr. Lauren Beck to present her research on gendered place names in North America. Beck began by explaining how place names come to be. “Whether or not a place already had a name, […]

It’s the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to work towards the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge on campus and in our classrooms In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada published 94 Calls to Action, which addressed many issues involving Indigenous people in Canada and called the federal government to take action in many […]

Mass clothing producers use methods that are resulting in widespread environmental degradation Picture this: You go to the mall, telling yourself you won’t buy anything today. At H&M, you see a top on a window mannequin and fall in love. You tell yourself, “I’ll sleep on it. If I still love it tomorrow, I’ll come […]