Qualities to look for in partners, friends and family As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is a good time to evaluate the relationships we are keeping – not just with romantic or sexual partners, but also with our friends and family members. Unhealthy or abusive relationships might be harder to identify with our friends or family […]

Pushing through the final weeks of the season, the team reflects on their success Mount Allison’s women’s basketball team currently sits in third place, overall, in the the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA). The team currently has 10 wins and five losses this season, giving our Mounties basketball team a total of 18 points. The […]

Getting the flu is no fun Falling ill during the school year is not a pleasant experience. We don’t always have on hand what we need to take care of ourselves. Fortunately, there are certainly measures that students can take to help strengthen their immune system and to hopefully avoid illness. It is important to […]

Dedication, teamwork, strength, confidence, honour and leadership: these are just a few of the words some of Mount Allison’s female athletes used to describe their experiences with athletics throughout their academic years. Mt. A hosts a wide range of women’s sports teams, including badminton, basketball, hockey and volleyball. Kiersten Mangold, a forward on the women’s […]

Administration, faculty and students discuss what the Maple League is and why Mount Allison is a part of it “It’s really about bringing the uniqueness of our four institutions together to create an opportunity to support innovation in liberal education, experiential learning opportunities for our students, shared opportunities around teaching,” said President Jean-Paul Boudreau, “and […]

Elections were last week – but what is MASU? In light of the newly elected Mount Allison Student Union (MASU) executive, the Argosy thought we would publish a short primer on the structure of the student organization they’ve been elected to. The MASU constitution (accessible to all on their website) states the organization’s objectives as […]

Prospective Residence Assistants can expect falling grades, decreased mental health, and constant work Within my first month of university, I decided to become a resident assistant (RA). I made the decision because I had the dream of helping new students feel welcome and cared for at Mount Allison. In retrospect, it was one of the […]