Picture this: it’s well past midnight the night before your biggest midterm of the semester. Odds are that when you’re hit with a snack craving. Instead of having a balanced and nutrient-rich meal, you’re digging into a bag of chips (or animal crackers, my personal favourite). Well, you’re not the only one inclined to make […]

With 2020 starting on not so much of a positive note, let me try and lift everyone up and suggest a fantastic idea. That is, to do an exchange abroad! In my honest and biased opinion, my past few months here at Mount Allison cannot be described in just a few words – it has […]

An update from the MASU executive Since the executive took office on May 1, we have been working hard to make sure that your student experience is extraordinary. Here’s a short update on just some of the things we have accomplished thus far. President, Emelyana Titarenko (masupresident@mta.ca) Since the start of my term, I introduced […]

Learning to keep calm ‘under pressure’ Julia Campbell and Alex DiLonardo, both masters students at Mount Allison, kept running into students looking to scuba dive. Without a dedicated diving group in the Sackville area, students interested in pursuing diving for academic or recreational purposes were out of luck. In September, Campbell, DiLonardo and their group […]

 Impact in philanthropy, decision making and asteroids On Thursday, Jan. 16, Mount Allison held an interdisciplinary conversation at the Owens Art Gallery, where speakers spoke on the theme of “impact” from their individual perspectives. This is the fourth year that Mt. A has held interdisciplinary conversations. Each year, the talks revolve around a central theme. […]

Garnet and Gold’s upcoming production is sure to be a spoonful of sugar When you walk into Convocation Hall next weekend, you will be greeted by the rooftops of London, a household in chaos and a windy park, perfect for flying kites. Together, these locations set the scene for the story of the Banks family: […]