‘Mary Poppins’ soars into Sackville

Garnet and Gold’s upcoming production is sure to be a spoonful of sugar

The upcoming show from Garnet and Gold promises to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Mara Ireta Gordon/Argosy

When you walk into Convocation Hall next weekend, you will be greeted by the rooftops of London, a household in chaos and a windy park, perfect for flying kites. Together, these locations set the scene for the story of the Banks family: a story full of familial values and the idea that anything can happen if you let it.

The Garnet and Gold Musical Theatre Society has been working tirelessly on their upcoming production of Mary Poppins. Tickets are now on sale and the show runs from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1.

Based on a popular children’s novel by P. L. Travers, Mary Poppins tells the story of a troubled family in desperate need of a nanny, but not just for the children. Emotionally detached father Mr. Banks also learns a thing or two from Poppins. The show is a journey of growth for the family, teaching life lessons through whimsical tunes and magical moments.

“This show tells such a wonderful story!” said Sarah English, who will be doubling as both the evil nanny Miss Andrew and the Bird Woman in the production. “It’s heartwarming, funny and filled with energy from beginning to end.”

Victoria Rust takes the stage as Mary Poppins with a warm interpretation of the role that can only be described as practically perfect in every way. Rust’s cheer is delightfully juxtaposed with English’s sinister portrayal of Miss Andrew. Everything is tied together with a charming interpretation of the role of Bert, portrayed by Sam Unger. Together, these three actors balance each other perfectly and bring the show to life.

Despite recent financial struggles, Garnet and Gold seems stronger than ever. Students coming from all disciplines are excited to get invlved.

“While growing up in Sackville as a kid, I was always amazed at the Garnet and Gold productions,” said Emma Chase, who will be playing the role of Katie Nanna in the upcoming show. “To be a part of Mary Poppins is almost surreal. I’m having such a good time learning the songs and choreography.”

Musicals are magical in their own way. They bring happiness and joy whether you’re just there to watch or you’re a participant. Garnet and Gold never fails to produce an exhilarating show and this year, it is overwhelmingly clear that through their commitment and dedication, the members of the cast and crew have bonded to form a family of their own.… Hopefully they won’t be needing a nanny any time soon.

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