Poem: Anonymous – Trapped


It always starts with my heart

Jumping around as if it were a bunny in my chest.

My brain asking me what’s going on.

My brain telling me I’m going to die.

My brain worrying nobody will stay.

I’m quivering.

I’m trembling like an earthquake and

There’s no escape.

I’m not good enough, nobody cares.

I can’t breathe.

My body hurts.

My body is tense like I’ll explode at any moment.

But that’s the least of my worries.

My brain is playing tricks on me.

My brain is turning everyone against me.

My stomach is raging.

I can’t help it but my brain makes it worse.


Breathe. Reality sets in.


The after.

I am okay.

I am catching my breath


I am drained.

Every ounce of energy I once had.


Water, fresh air and affirmations

Bring me back.


An enigma wrapped in a riddle but posed as a puzzle; who is the anonymous contributor? They'll never tell.