Select the following to fill in the corresponding blanks:

1. Person’s name 2. Adjective 3. Place on campus 4. Number 5. Food 6. Adjective 7. Holiday 8. Mt. A department

9. Emotion 10. Noun 11. Mt. A administration member 12. Adjective 13. Adjective ending in “ly” 14. Swear word

15. Verb ending in “ed” 16. Classic meal hall food 17. Noun ending in “ly”

One day, 1.______________ the Mountie was walking to meal hall when he smelled something 2._______________. Hethoughthewouldinvestigate this smell and followed his nose to 3._______________. There, lo and behold, he found 4._____________professorscooking 5._______________ on a BBQ. “What’s this for?” he asked “It looks 6.________________”

“We’re celebrating 7._________________,” they told him “But it’s only for 8._________________ students.”

9.________________, he kicked a 10._________________ and walked away. He walked all the way to the registrar’s office, where he found 11.__________________ sitting behind the desk.

“You look 12.__________________,” they said “Can I help?” “Ineedtoswitchfaculties,”hesaid 13.___________________.

“The drop date has passed,” they said. “14._________________________” 1._______________ said, and he 15.__________________ back to meal hall and ate 16.______________________ and thought 17.___________________ of the BBQ.

The End.

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