In keeping with 2019 resolution, Mount Allison vows to shed excess weight in the form of arts programs for 2020

Following the expression ‘new year new me,’ Mount Allison University has committed itself to developing healthier habits in an attempt to slim down its size in the new year.

Mount Allison reportedly had a rough couple years, experiencing chronic fatigue and lethargic behaviour after having to endure the arts side of the liberal arts experience. The University realized it had to get serious about its health when it failed to make an appearance at the Dean’s List Reception for the Arts for several years in a row.

After struggling to complete its unrealistic goal of shedding the women and gender studies department as fast as possible in 2016, the University knew it had to make changes this year in order to accomplish its resolution. Mount Allison saw an ambitious start to 2019, successfully shedding the dead weight of the Anthropology department. Feeling 120 credits lighter, Mount Allison spoke positively about their journey: “For the first time in my life, I decided to put myself first.”

It took a lot of hard work and determination for the University to get to where it is today. Mount Allison described its struggle to lose weight and years of unsuccessful dieting that resulted in indecisive distribution requirements, erratic tuition swings and excessive course counting.

Mount Allison advised that the best way to hold off weight is by sticking to healthy habits such as paying attention to course sizes and staying hydrated on alumni donations. A strong support system is also needed, according to the University: “I could have never accomplished my goal without the support of my friends in the Senate.”

Following its success in 2019, the University started off 2020 claiming “This is going to be my year” and that it will be “focusing on the things that really matter, like commerce and science.” Despite Mount Allison’s optimism, it admits to being impatient with the weight-loss process. It finds itself creeping back into its old habits like bingeing credits with the addition of three certificate programs and degrees in visual literacy and culture and  museum and curatorial studies.

Mount Allison’s plans for the future? “My long-term goal is to fit into that little black dress for next year’s Dean’s List reception – but only the science one, you know, the one they actually give distinctions to.” In terms of additional resolutions for 2020, the University stated it intends to continue to focus on practical goals like being more organized and providing more financial subsidies for the football team.

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