Top 10 Reasons Why Cats aren’t so Bad

  1. All it wants in return for love is to be fed! Maybe a treat here and there, maybe a laser pointer or a piece of string now and again, but overall, they’re quite easy to please. 
  2. A cat doesn’t get jealous if it sees you talking to your ex-cats. Better yet, cats don’t know how to use phones so it can’t creep around to make sure you aren’t texting your ex-cat.
  3. You can have as many cats as you want; they’re okay with polygamy, and will even appreciate the company!
  4. Nothing is better than cuddling with a purring kitty. 
  5. Cats don’t care about anniversaries or stupid holidays like Valentine’s Day…
  6. They have an impeccable sense of hygiene, which you don’t find among other species. 
  7. While others may leave you to fend for yourself, cats protect you from spiders, mice, etc.
  8. When ordering dinner, a cat won’t tell you it doesn’t feel like dessert and then proceed to eat most of yours. It eats its own damn food. 
  9. Cats don’t care if you spend all day in sweat pants or in bed. They’ll join you and, more importantly, they won’t judge you for it. A lazy day every once in a while is perfectly acceptable, okay?  
  10. Cats can’t give you STIs.

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