Top 5 Ways to Meet People at University

This article was co-authored by Sam Cummins

Meeting people can be hard. When you’re thrown into a totally new environment, the fear of not making friends is a big one. We offer up a list of 5 simple things to do that can aid in the process of socializing at university, based on our own experience.

1)Grab Pizza to share with friends

Grab some people from your res and head out to the broken bridge at the end of town to eat it. It’s a very beautiful spot out there!

2) Be talkative

Don’t be afraid to speak up (shout if you need to) even if you are the only person under the bridge.

3) Organize a bonfire

Invite your friends down under the bridge to your drumfire. They can’t refuse if you can promise warmth.

4) Put yourself out there

Don’t stay cooped up. Get out of res and hang out under the old bridge. Stay overnight, or even a couple nights.

5) Get involved

There is a ton of stuff to get involved in under the bridge.

There you go, first years. Follow these simple steps,and you will have a ton of cool new friends in no time.


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