Better Know a Mountie: Quinn Everett

You could say Mount Allison Mountie Quinn Everett is your prototypical defensive lineman. At six-foot three inches, and coming in at 305 pounds, he is literally one of the biggest players in every game he plays. His size and ability make him one of the most influential people on the field. He had always been a big kid, and that’s the reason he decided to give football a try at thirteen.

“I started in grade eight and I got into it because I was big and my dad said I should try football, and I loved it.”

He started wearing number ninety-nine in high school when his coach told him that the “biggest, baddest dude” wore that number. He has worn it ever since. 

Everett was also selected as one of four Mounties to play in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport East-West Bowl this past May. In limited action, Everett assisted in making a tackle in his own red zone that was key in forcing the West to attempt a field goal on the drive.

The Glen Haven, Nova Scotia native is an interesting football player because he has always wanted to be the toughest player on the field, but there is no doubt he also has a soft side.

Everett could be one of the nicest and most approachable guys on the field. Ask Everett if he is a dog or a cat guy and it won’t take long to discover his love of felines.

“I am a big fan of cats, I have a cat named Kitty Katty,” he said. 

Everett is also a big user of the social media site Twitter, often tweeting about cats and some of his interests such as video games, music, and of course, football. His tweets are often comical and offer a look into the life of a football player at Mt. A.

Mt. A recruited him in high school. He decided to come here for many of the same reasons most of his colleagues came. He loves the small class sizes and that you can walk anywhere in almost no time.

“I can’t get through a full song on my phone going from point A to point B, its great,” Everett said. 

The fourth-year commerce student plans to come back next year and play football again. He played only two games in his first year, but ever since he has played a crucial role for the Mounties defence. He gives credit to all his coaches and teammates throughout his career for getting him where he is today.

Everett is looking forward to the second half of this season. He has enjoyed the whole football experience here at Mt. A so far, and he is ready to make his last year and a half as a Mountie as successful as he can. 

“The season started off slow and that was disappointing for all of us, but we know what we need to do in the second half. We definitely have the chance to make something happen,” the lineman said. With two more games against Saint Francis Xavier and one each against Saint Mary’s and Acadia, the doors are definitely open for them to make a run to the playoffs.

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