Mounties lose award-winning quarterback

Jakob Loucks transfers after two seasons, opening starting quarterback spot

In 2017, Loucks was awarded Football Rookie of the Year, Overall MVP and USports Football Rookie of the Year. Paul Lynch/Archives

Jacob Loucks, a rookie quarterback showed up to training camp standing at only 5’ 10” and 195 pounds and earned the starting job. Loucks was able to make an immediate impact and lead the Mounties to AUS finals, for a heartbreaking loss in his rookie year. Loucks was awarded the Peter Gorman Trophy at the end of the season, a prestigious award given to the most outstanding rookie in the country. He was the first Mountie to receive it in 17 years. With such a successful first year, players, coaches and fans were excited to have Loucks in the program for what was expected to be four winning years as he pursued his psychology degree.

Unfortunately, this four-year plan is no longer in existence. Following the end of a disappointing season where the Mounties failed to make the three-team playoff, Loucks has decided not only to transfer from Mount Allison, but hang up his cleats altogether, retiring from football. He has returned home to Ontario in pursuit of a bachelor of science degree in nursing, which is not offered here on campus.

“It’s easily the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make up to this point in my life, and it’ll probably remain as the toughest decision that I’ll ever have to make,” said Loucks.

This leaves the Mounties with an open roster spot for next season. Possible replacement Troy Downton was the second string QB this season. However Downton, who appeared in three games this season, is in his fifth year, making it unlikely that he’ll return to fight for the starting role. This would again leave the Mounties in need of a QB to fill in immediately as a starter for next season.

Loucks commented on how thrilling it was to be a part of the Mountie family over the past year and a half: “My favourite part about being a Mountie was being part of something bigger than myself: being part of a community and a family.”

Loucks has nothing but good things to say about Mt. A’s athletics and the school’s football program as a whole. He closed off with a heartfelt thank you message.

In his first year, Loucks led the Mounties to AUS finals. Mt. A/

“I’d like to thank Mount Allison University as a whole for making my university experience one I’ll never forget,” he said. “The varsity football program and everyone associated with it [gave me] the opportunity to live out my dreams of playing university level football. Lastly, I’d like to thank my coaches and my teammates for making my last year of football the best one yet.”

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