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stetson - Constellation Records

Colin Stetson: Volume 3: To See More Light

New History Warfare Volume 3: To See More Light is the third and final instalment of Colin Stetson’s New History Warfare project, released by Montreal’s Constellation Records. Throughout the seven year series, there is evidence of evolution in Stetson’s music that accompanies the ominous, apocalyptic sounds; a prevalent theme of isolation; and a constant push toward musical experimentation. To See More Light is sentimental in a way that the previous volumes are not, providing closure and a natural conclusion. This is fostered by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver’s signature falsetto vocals, which appear on a number of the tracks. The album is a masterpiece of technique; all of Stetson’s instrumentation was recorded in live takes using unconventional microphone placements to emphasize the perfection of his playing. His breathing and finger work can be clearly heard on a number of tracks, allowing the music to breathe and move itself.

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