Black! Isn’t that just a colour

Experiences of being Black

Right? Well yes and no, I suppose. It’s a colour alright, but for people of colour, it stands for much more than just a hue #000000. “Black” has a long history of being associated with a variety of negative connotations, including evil, gloom, and death. But for Black people, being Black is a representation of history, culture, and experiences. 

Our experiences are distinctive and influenced by a variety of elements, including cultural backgrounds, social levels, and personal encounters. Despite the diversity among the Black community, there are some shared experiences, notably regarding ID— Inequality and Discrimination. Slavery, segregation, and persistent discrimination are significant features of Black people’s history all over the world.

The ongoing struggle for equality and justice is one of the most significant experiences for Black people. Despite the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other laws aimed at ensuring equal legal treatment, Black people continue to face discrimination in a variety of forms, including racial profiling, unequal access to education and employment opportunities, and police brutality. These ongoing challenges are not limited to the United States or Canada, but are happening all over the world, even in Black-dominated countries. Yes! You read that right.

The richness and depth of the Black cultural heritage are other aspects of the Black experience. From African American community music like afrobeats and dance to Black artists’ literature and art, Black culture is an important part of our cultural landscape. This cultural heritage has been shaped by Black people’s experiences and serves as a source of pride and identity for Black people and this is why we celebrate Black History Month.

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