Bernard Drainville, a member of the Parti Québécois, recently proposed a revision of the failed 2013 Charter of Values. Drainville seems to believe in the necessity of a secular society, but may be going too far in his attempt to prohibit the expression of religious beliefs in public institutions. The original charter would prohibit all […]

The over-emphasis on the stories of the perpetrators of sexual assault, rather than assault itself or identifying the hardships brought upon the victim is indicative of a systemic problem. Members of the University of Ottawa’s men’s varsity hockey team have filed a $6 million lawsuit against the university for damages to their reputations, due to […]

The Holiday season is rife with small talk and debates on the hot topics read in newspapers and watched on the evening news. This year was no different, following the misogynistic, inappropriate and threatening remarks about female students made by 13 male Dalhousie Dentistry students. Through all of the conversations and debates that I listened […]

On the heels of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, who was fired from CBC for alleged sexual assaults, two Liberal MPs have been expelled from the party. The connection? Both of these cases deal with sexual assault allegations against public figures and what it means to make these kind of allegations. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promptly […]

Author and sex educator visits Sackville. Halifax-based writer and educator Kaleigh Trace revels in promoting discussion about gender and sex. Last weekend, Trace brought these discussions to the Sackville community along with her newest book, Hot, Wet, and Shaking. The event was organized by the newly reformed Women’s and Gender Studies Society and was hosted […]

The Vancouver School Board recently released a new policy that would allow transgender students to use the washrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. This policy seems to be one of the most progressive policies regarding the support of transgender students. However, a group of parents have started to take legal action […]

The concept of women’s colleges was conceived at a time when American universities, as well as those around the world, discriminated against a woman’s right to an education. This limited social mobility and financial independence. With this in mind, one could typically regard a women’s college as a haven of sorts for fostering an environment […]

Fans of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson will no longer see one of TLC’s biggest reality television stars traipsing around in the mud, competing in beauty pageants and eating road kill in the rural South. The series was cancelled amid speculation that June Shannon, Thompson’s mother, is dating an alleged sex offender while cutting coupons […]

The Walrus Talks’ debut in New Brunswick challenged the static view of conversation. Expressing the perspective they held on the art of dialogue, a series of female speakers left the impression that there is no one perfect method of approaching “the art of conversation.” The group of speakers brought a breadth of experience, which has […]