After a drawn-out election cycle, Mount Allison students elected Dylan Wooley-Berry as the Mount Allison Students’ Union’s president for the 2015-2016 academic year. An error in the ballot setup, omitting the option for voters to abstain in the second round, made the results of the first election invalid. According to MASU bylaws, voting must be […]

Divest MTA participated in Global Divestment Day for the second year in a row. The initiative aims to pressure institutions to remove their investments from the fossil fuel industry. Divest MTA organized initiatives to foster support, build awareness and send a clear message to the university that they want to make fossil fuel divestment a […]

Following this spring’s election, council will consist of six executive members, six senators, one board of regents’ representative, one first-year representative and five councillors at large. Currently, council boasts six executive members, six senators, six on-campus (three north, three south), one board of regents representative and six off-campus councillors. This motion is the latest in […]

When students and community members first walked into the room, blankets of various colours, patterns and shapes were laid out in no particular order on the floor, slightly off centre. The narrators, three members of Canadian Roots Exchange, invited everyone to stand on the blankets. Participants were told they were standing on land initially inhabited […]

Snow and extreme cold awaited students travelling back to Sackville after the holidays. The university decided to open residences on Saturday, Jan. 3, a day early, providing students with a window to beat the storm. A group of students contacted the administration concerning the possibility of an early opening, but the administration had already considered […]