Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid, can you please strike me with your arrow?

I’ve been carrying my heart with me wherever I go.

Waiting for the right moment, waiting for love to grow.

But instead, the world seems filled with nothing but handsome crows.


I understand you must be busy, but trust me, I’m alone.

This loneliness that is here reminds me of a type of death.

Before I take my last breath, will I ever feel the high of love?

I just want someone to enjoy essential milestones.


Dear Cupid, I pray your aim is guided by my heart.

No more sleepless nights waiting for the message.

No more dreadful days cleaning up the wreckage.

I don’t need a person who makes hurtful remarks.


I’ve been patient and kind, always quiet and polite.

Yet your love and feelings never come back to me.

They say if you love someone, you should set them free.

But I’m afraid they won’t come to me at the end of the night.


Dear Cupid, I don’t know what to do.

Do you hear me screaming within my mind?

Do I already have a soulmate that’s been assigned?

Is there no one left; could that actually be true?

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