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On September 27, 2023, Convocation Hall came alive with a palpable sense of achievement and celebration as the annual Dean’s List Award Ceremony unfolded. This event, which has been a tradition at the university for decades, serves as a testament to the remarkable academic achievements of the students.


Cathy Crinnion, who has been involved in organizing this event for the past two yearsA, spoke passionately about the importance of recognizing and celebrating students’ accomplishments: “I do this because we are celebrating the achievements of students. It is amazing how students work and succeed; that’s why we want to celebrate and give them public recognition.” Crinnion also expressed her astonishment at the overwhelming number of over 600 students on the dean’s list this year.


This sentiment was echoed by Charline, a volunteer at the event who works in the Commerce Department at Mt. A. “There are so many tables with certificates because there are so many students who need to be recognized,” Charline remarked. 


Lois Wood, who has been a part of organizing this event for more than 15 years, emphasized the tradition and the joy it brings to the university community. “It’s an annual tradition that the deans love to put on,” said Wood, “This is our way of giving back to the kids for their hard work. It’s so exciting when you get the list from the registrar’s office.”


The event, which was held from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., drew a significant crowd as students and faculty gathered to celebrate academic excellence. The ceremony kicked off with tickets given at the door for chances to win “swag bags,” creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

Dr. Vicki St. Pierre, the Vice-President of Academics and Research and Acting Provost, inaugurated the ceremony alongside Dr. Rachel Rubin, the Dean of Libraries and Archives and Acting Dean of Arts, who gave the territorial acknowledgement.


Each department head of the university took their turn announcing their numerous award winners, showcasing the diversity and excellence of the academic programs at Mt. A. The departmental awards, previously separate events, were combined into one grand ceremony two years ago, due to the number of students receiving awards.


Dr. Rubin praised the students for their dedication and hard work: “Let’s take a moment to be proud of yourselves and your friends; we are proud of you. The future for all of you is very bright.” Dr. St. Pierre further emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “This is the opportunity to celebrate our fantastic students, to celebrate with our community.”


The criteria for earning a place on the dean’s list at Mt. A are rigorous and reflect a commitment to academic excellence. To qualify, students must complete at least 30 credits over the academic session, spanning from May through April of the next year, with a minimum of 24 credits taken in the Fall and Winter terms. Additionally, they must achieve a Semester Grade Point Average of 3.7, showcasing both dedication and proficiency in their studies.


The Dean’s List Award Ceremony serves not only as a recognition of academic excellence but also as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unity of the Mt. A community. With over 600 students achieving this prestigious honor, it is clear that the pursuit of knowledge and excellence remains at the forefront of the Mt. A mission, ensuring a bright future for the students and the community as a whole.

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