Delayed 7 Mondays journal released

Student literary and photographic journal available this week

The publication 7 Mondays, a student-edited and peer-reviewed journal, was delayed until this week.The publication is usually delivered to student mailboxes at the end of each school year. Instead, last year’s edition has been printed and will be made available to students within the week.
Milo Hicks, the co-editor-in-chief of 7 Mondays, says the delayed release was caused in part by postponed submission deadlines.
7 Mondays is an annual journal which showcases the literary and photographic work of many Mount Allison students. The journal also hosts events, including writing workshops and poetry readings, throughout the year.
“Normally we don’t accept as many [submissions] as we did this year but we had such a strong batch,” said Hicks. “We spent a lot of time making sure they were put in the right order.”
This year’s journal is bigger than normal, which slowed down the editing process.
While the literary submissions are chosen by student editors, Thaddeus Holownia, the fine-arts department head, selects the photographic works and deals with the journal’s printer in Halifax. Hicks says the combination of editing delays and miscommunication with Holownia led to the late release.
Due to the delays, the journal did not arrive from the printers until after convocation. A decision was made to defer the release until students returned in the fall.
Every Mount Allison student will receive a slip in their mailbox when the journals are ready for distribution. All students interested can then pick up a copy at the R.P. Bell library, English department or fine-arts department.
Co-editor-in-chief Emily Crompton said the benefit to having the delayed release is that the incoming first years will get copies early on. She hopes this will encourage more first-year students from varied disciplines to submit to the journal.
“The journal gives the opportunity to students who will not be going into English to be a part of a literary community,” said Crompton.
Along with the journal’s release, 7 Mondays will be hosting events in the coming month.
“The fact that there is an outlet for students to be published but also to read and interact with other people’s work is a big thing for us,” said Hicks.

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