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The importance of having accessible physiotherapy services on and off campus

 Physiotherapy is proven to have a variety of benefits on not only physical but also mental well-being. Such benefits tend not to be considered by much of the public, and their positive impacts are not fully understood. Whether someone is an athlete, a person with a chronic condition, or even a student dealing with stress, having access to services that offer forms of physical therapy is quite accommodating. Even for a small community like Sackville, there are a number of options provided by both Mt. A and local businesses.

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The Mt. A Wellness Centre is one of many efficient tools for students to access different means of physiotherapy and osteopathy. A massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist are available weekly. All services are by appointment and are either booked directly through the professionals’ website or through contacting the wellness center. For the accessibility of students, some professionals treat their patients directly on campus. Alternatively, they do offer their services off campus as well. 

Russell Chiropractic & Family Wellness is a local business located on Lorne Street in uptown Sackville. Since 2020, the business has expanded, offering a variety of services from numerous professionals. In addition to a chiropractor and acupuncturist, there are massage therapists, social workers, a naturotherapist, a physiotherapist, and last but not least, a therapy dog. They additionally provide weekly yoga classes, counseling, foot care nursing, and custom orthotics. Appointments can be made directly through the Russell Chiropractic & Family Wellness website or by phone. Ravenstone and Heidi Griffin on Main Street and Soper Physiotherapy on York Street are some of the other wonderful physiotherapy options in Sackville.

What specific benefits do these therapies offer, and why is it so important that they are understood? Many people who struggle with physical pain, and are unaware of what relief methods exist, will often suffer in silence. Whether it is acute or chronic, pain can not only signify a condition or injury, but it can also deteriorate a person’s mental health. Professionals are trained to alleviate these effects and improve the overall health of their patients. Chiropractors can diagnose and treat certain musculoskeletal conditions resulting in pain, physiotherapists work directly with patients to improve motor function and pain, massages are great for loosening tight muscles and reducing stress hormones, and acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and promotes the body’s healing ability. Taking yoga classes is proven to enhance the body’s strength, balance, and flexibility while reducing stress. With a combination of consistent physical and mental therapies, a person’s life can easily be improved in the long term.

In a small town composed mainly of hard-working students and staff, as well as a community of elderly folk, and families, having these resources readily available is crucial. It is important to educate citizens on the existence of local physical therapy options, in addition to how, and where they can access them. Ensuring that therapy services remain in small communities will boost the livelihood of the people living in them.

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