Fener’s Place: A new type of food for Sackville

Fener’s Place is the newest culinary addition to Sackville’s Bridge Street, a vibrant family business run by the Hussein brothers, Nezar and Nokar, Nezar’s wife, Soz, and their children.

Located at 6 Bridge Street, formerly the site of Napulé Pizza, Fener’s Place is named after Nezar’s now six-year-old son. The atmosphere is warm and colourful, with lots of pictures and menus to peruse. Owning a restaurant had always been a dream for the brothers, who offer delicious food at student-budget friendly prices.

When asked about the goals of the business, Nezar said that a lot depends on COVID-19. When he and his brother first started the business, they encountered a number of difficult challenges. When they first opened, they operated at 100% capacity, but now, just like many other businesses since the introduction of NB’s “circuit breakers,” business has significantly died down.

After the COVID-19 situation is under control, the Hussein brothers plan on expanding the restaurant to include more seating spaces and introducing a student discount. For right now, Nezar expressed the importance of having a space for students to sit, eat, and relax, especially since so many businesses close early in Sackville, and many students do not have access to a car to drive into Moncton.

Although Fener’s Place is relying on word-of-mouth to spread the word of their food, they are aware of what many students feel is missing from Sackville: late night dining. The restaurant is regularly open between 1 and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights just for students, an initiative that they hope will increase their visibility and popularity.

Fener’s Place offers a variety of food options, often in both small and large sizes. Credit for this idea is given to Nezar’s wife, Soz. Fener’s Place has a welcoming atmosphere that attracts both members of the Sackville community and Mt. A students alike. Just as word-of-mouth would have you believe, their food’s reputation has no problem speaking for itself. Fener’s Place will surely become a regular spot for Mt. A students.

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