Latest additions to the Sackville Arts Wall

Janet Crawford, Marilyn Lerch, and Dan Steeves are inducted to the Sackville Arts Wall

On the evening of October 12, 2023, the Sackville community gathered to celebrate the induction of three exceptional individuals onto the Sackville Arts Wall. Janet Crawford, Marilyn Lerch, and Dan Steeves, now have a space on the wall, which shows the town’s rich artistic heritage and cultural significance. 

The Sackville Arts Wall was made in 2008 with the mission of honoring the local artists who have made a significant level of skill and recognition. This recognition is divided into four categories: Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Arts Builders. The Arts Builders category was added for those who have contributed to the development of the community in various ways.

The latest additions to the Sackville Arts Wall brings the total number of honored individuals to 22. These new inductees earned their place through their remarkable achievements.

Janet Crawford, a multifaceted artist, contributed to the town’s artistic heritage through her musical performances and intricate mosaic work, adding a touch of beauty to the town’s public spaces. 

Marilyn Lerch, an accomplished poet, made her mark in the world of literature with six published collections of poetry and numerous collaborations with renowned musicians. 

Dan Steeves, a graduate of Mt. A, took his art to galleries not only across Canada but also in Japan. His talent in painting, drawing, and sculpture captivates audiences worldwide, earning him a place on Sackville’s Art Wall.

The selection process for the Sackville Arts Wall is rigorous. A jury reviews nominations from the public, which are then divided into the four categories of Literary Arts, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Arts Builders. A maximum of four new members, one per category, can be added to the wall biannually, ensuring a balanced representation of the town’s artistic diversity.

To be eligible for induction, candidates must meet two critical criteria. Firstly, they have resided in Sackville or the surrounding area for a significant portion of their formative years and/or working life. Secondly, they have achieved a sustained level of excellence and recognition in their chosen field.

The process for nominating an artist is open to the public, allowing the community to participate actively in recognizing their talented community members. The nomination form for 2025 can be downloaded from the Sackville Arts Wall’s website, with a submission deadline of May 9, 2025.

The Sackville Arts Wall is made possible through the dedicated efforts of its board members, including Linda Dornan, Kellie Mattatall, and Rachel Thornton. They work closely with staff liaisons Angela Hastie and Ron Kelly-Spurles to ensure that this cherished tradition of celebrating Sackville’s artistic heritage continues to thrive.

The latest additions to the Sackville Arts Wall, Janet Crawford, Marilyn Lerch, and Dan Steeves, have not only made an impact in their respective fields but also contributed to the vibrancy of Sackville’s cultural landscape. The Sackville Arts Wall continues to stand as a beacon of artistic excellence, shining light on the town’s creative talents for generations to come.

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