MASU offers pharmacy at your fingertips

Mount Allison Students Union introduces quick and easy healthcare with Mednow

For the large and diverse population on campus during the fall and winter months, demand for health services in such a small university town can elevate. Mt. A’s insurance provider, the Mount Allison Students Union (MASU), is striving to ensure that the thousands of students living in Sackville have convenient access to their necessary resources. Students who are under MASU insurance no longer have to worry about Mt. A lacking an on-campus pharmacy. Instead, they can download an app on their phone, and get medication delivered directly to campus or their home at a minimal charge. 

Mednow is a Canadian website and mobile app that allows its users to keep track of prescriptions online. It offers free one-day delivery, clinical support, and advice from pharmacists who are available seven days a week through chat or phone call. This is an alternative option that can be incredibly helpful as Sackville only has one town centre with two pharmacies. Visiting these pharmacies can require a walk of up to 30 minutes from some people’s homes, which can be extremely inconvenient for individuals with mobility difficulties or illness. Sometimes, even getting a hold of a family doctor for prescription refills can be a hassle, so the fact that Mednow can contact a user’s doctor for them is exceptionally supportive for busy students. The app can be downloaded on a device, or a person can create an account on the website. MASU has a group code that can provide up to 100% coverage on out-of-pocket expenses. 

In addition, Campus Trust, an organization designed to enhance the quality of life for students in post-secondary education, provides benefits for all its Atlantic Canadian members — MASU included. These benefits go directly through MASU’s health and dental insurance plan to fund students’ needs. Campus Trust had also proposed Mednow as an option for all member universities and planned to provide benefits to students with usage of the app. Since the Mt. A campus does not have a pharmacy, MASU decided to accept Mednow as its preferred pharmacy. This decision could very well provide long-term resolutions to many students’ troubles.

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To receive coverage, you can visit MASU’s website and activate your insurance, then you can access your health and dental insurance plan. This allows you to print your own benefit cards and get reimbursements upon submitting receipts from any healthcare-related expenses. After creating an account with Mednow, you can find the MASU group code from an email sent by the company. In general, a reimbursement of 80% of up to $4,000 per student is covered for all medications that are approved under Health Canada.  For further information, you can contact MASU through email, by phone, or in the Wallace McCain Student Centre on campus.

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