Moonlight Madness in Sackville

Moonlight Madness is an annual event held by the Town of Sackville to support local businesses and kick off the Christmas season. Discounts are offered until late in the evening, local vendors set up outdoor booths, wagon rides are offered, and Santa Claus himself makes an appearance.

     Residents should look forward to part two of this event on Friday, December 7.

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Mt. A International Center hosts annual World Bazaar during Moonlight Madness

Dishes from cuisines around the world were prepared by Mount Allison’s international students

On Nov. 23, Mount Allison’s International Centre organized the annual World Bazaar, held at the United Church during the town of Sackville’s Moonlight Madness event.

In preparation for the World Bazaar, international students prepared dishes from their home countries. Mt. A students and Sackville locals came out to sample the food offered.

The World Bazaar, previously called the International Market, has been held since 2003.

The Bazaar housed tables with food like tabbouleh, chicken and potato stew, stuffed grape leaves, Japanese potato cakes and bruschetta from different countries such as Italy, China, Japan, Syria, Lebanon and Vietnam.

Christa Maston, the international student advisor, said, “The event provides an opportunity for international students to share their culture through food, not only with their student peers but also with the wider Sackville community.” Maston explained that the event is held during Moonlight Madness to encourage that community engagement.

Sakurako Goto, a fourth-year international relations student, attended the World Bazaar on behalf of Mosaic. “As students, we wanted to introduce food from international cuisines to the local community here in Sackville,” Goto said.

The Bazaar was attended by at least a hundred visitors, some of whom brought their children and families. Visitors tasted the food and spoke with the student vendors about the names of the dishes and how they were prepared.

“I received so many positive comments from those who attended,” said Maston. “Everyone was super impressed by the students’ culinary skills.”

Visitors bought tickets from international students at the entrance of the church and used the tickets to pay for the food. Profits made from the event went back to the student chefs.

Katrine Macfarlane, a Sackville resident, attended the bazaar with her family. “We used to live overseas and we traveled a lot, and now we live here in Sackville. We wanted to bring our kids and give them every opportunity we can to try the food. We used to live in Oman, in the Middle East, and today I had the opportunity to try one of the Middle Eastern dishes – stuffed grape leaves,” Macfarlane said. “We can’t afford to travel – but we can afford to eat.”



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