Paint Night Winter Carnival

The winter carnival is one of several activities that Mt. A and the Mount Allison Students’ Union is hosting this academic year. One of these activities was the paint night that took place in Tweedie Hall on the first floor of the Wallace McCain Student Center. There were a myriad of students in attendance, which was lovely to see. Davante Rolle, a second-year Mt. A student, voiced that it was an impressive event. A formal set-up for paint night included paintbrushes, canvases, different colours of paint, and chocolates for each participant. The environment was ideal for relaxation and focus, with nice lighting and good background music.

Students came up with a variety of artistic subjects to sketch. While some students arrived prepared, others simply wanted to have fun and learn about art, color mixing, and painting. Participants at the event were also painting other participants as their subjects, making the event into a healthy competition with their friends.

Rolle described how she and her friends had booked a location, purchased food and beverages, and painted to relax and socialize in celebration of her recent birthday. She explained that she chose a paint-and-sip event for her birthday because she wanted something enjoyable, but also wanted to be able to converse and engage with her friends. She said that she adores painting and accumulating her own works of art as assets.

 She usually keeps an eye out for events advertised by the school as a chance to break out of her study zone because the school often hosts fun activities, and she enjoys taking part in them. At this paint night, she created a drawing of a Bahamas sunset since it made her think of her own country.

Rolle suggested that aprons be provided at the next paint night so that attendees don’t ruin their attire.

The human body benefits much from painting. The movements made while painting enhances the brain’s muscle and capacity to work, since the bodily components are interconnected with the brain. The expression of thoughts and feelings leads to the development of certain aesthetic traits. Painting also has many mental and psychological benefits, such as reducing stress, boosting self-esteem, and helping with memory retention, emotional intelligence, creativity, courage, and discipline.

Students drew their names, pictures of people’s faces, the sunset, and stunning images of trees on the paint by mixing colours, lines, tones, and textures. At the end of the event, people were allowed to go home with whatever they decided on painting.

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