Residents urge government action

Sackville CeaseFire Now protest outside of Tantramar Town Council

In a display of solidarity and advocacy, residents of Sackville gathered at Bill Johnstone Memorial Park on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, to demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to the blockade of Gaza. Organized by Sackville Ceasefire Now, the event aimed to amplify the voices of the community and pressure the local government to take a stand on the crisis unfolding in Gaza.

Ceasefire Now is a collective that advocates for the restoration of humanitarian aid and access to necessities. They condemn violence targeting innocent civilians on both sides and call for effort towards a just and lasting peace in the region, addressing the root causes of the conflict.

Around 6:30 p.m., a group of individuals assembled at the park, united by their determination to address the ongoing violence and suffering in Gaza. The group walked together in a procession towards the Sackville Town Hall, symbolizing their commitment to seeking justice and peace. 

Through an Instagram post, they articulated their message, “we stand together to address the deafening silence of our elected representatives and urge Tantramar council to respond to global issues of concern to its residents.”

Highlighting the moral imperative for municipal governments to advocate for their communities, the organization emphasized the urgency of the situation in Gaza. “Municipal governments have a moral obligation to speak up, represent their communities, and collectively call for urgent action from the Canadian government,” they stated, “the more decision-makers who add their voices, the more pressure on the federal government to respect human rights and international law by acting on its vote for a ceasefire.” 

However, despite the pleas and protests, the response from Tantramar Town Council was not what the organization was looking for. As a member of Sackville Ceasefire Now attempted to deliver a speech, the other members of the protest chose to turn their backs on the council, but they were met with resistance from the Tantramar mayor, who shut down the public presentation. 

According to the council’s bylaws, members of the public need to arrive early and request to have their presentations included on the agenda before the council’s approval. The bylaw specifies that individuals must go prior to the public meeting and make their request, after which they are granted two minutes to speak to the council.

As some of the council members departed for a break, the members of the Sackville Ceasefire Now protest remained standing with their backs turned, until they finally left the room after a couple of minutes. 

Ranz Bontogon – Argosy Photographer


The gathering on March 12 showcased the Sackville Ceasefire Now’s determination to address the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Residents came together at Bill Johnston Memorial Park, united in their demand for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the blockade. Despite facing challenges, including resistance from the Tantramar Town Council, the event underlined the importance and the need for dialogue on global issues. Moving forward, Ceasefire Now plans for continued engagement and dialogue to address the situation’s complexities.

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