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All you need to know about the 2024 Ascars

Feeling sad about the end of the Hollywood awards season? Not to worry, the annual Mt. A Ascars were this past week. The Ascars aim to celebrate excellence within the Sackville and Mt. A community. With nominees from various categories, such as The Argosy’s own Jacob Farrell being nominated for The Argosy: Live Podcast, for Best Student Media. 

The Ascars were hosted by Noah Lenehan, Matt Crepaldi, and Emma Mackley on Thursday, March 21. The theme of Hollywood glamour was spread throughout Convocation Hall, in addition to the dress code. The first award given out was the year’s Best Event, which went to the planners of Karaoke BBQ, which took place during orientation week. The following award was Best Student Media, which went to Almost Friday on Instagram. All sport- related awards, like Best Intramural Team, Best Club Sport, and Best Varsity Team went to ‘Thighs of Thunder’, the Mt. A women’s rugby team, and the Mt. A women’s hockey team, respectively.

The night’s entertainment was not only the hosts, but a musical performance from the Garnet and Gold production Beauty and The Beast, performing “Be Our Guest.” They later took home the Best Theatre Performance, beating out Sweeney Todd. In addition, the Mt. A Varsity Dance Team performed an electric set, showing off their skills and why they should truly be a varsity team. Lenehan, Crepaldi, and Mackley did their own version of a comedy roast, in addition to Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which shots of hot sauce were poured and taken in response to scandalous questions.

All the housing awards went to the north side. For the other houses on the south side, this was equivalent to when Meryl Streep is up for an Oscar. Sometimes, just being nominated must be enough. The Best Residence Event went to Windsor Hall, for their Mardi Gras party. Then, Windsor took home an Ascar for having the best dons, Peter and Lana Ward. Moreover, the Shinerama for Mt. A took the stage. Along with the impressive fundraising that the overall Mt. A community did, being the second highest-raising participating university, with the proceeds going to help battle Cystic Fibrosis. The residence that did the most for Shinerama fundraising was Windsor, winning Shine-iest house. However, the newest award at the Ascars, the presidents cup, went to Campbell Hall. Typically a frontrunner for most housing events, Campbell only won this new award this year. 

Other awards recognizing the talents of the Mt. A community were given out  like the club/society of the year, which was awarded to the Psych Society. Moreover, the first year of the year was awarded to Julia Smith. The Mountie of the year was a two-person win, with both Annika Bell and Katie Stewart being co-Mounties of the year. The Hall of Fame award went to someone very deserving: Sandy from Jennings Dining Hall. However, the person who had the most embarrassing moment, or multiple moments, was awarded Brutal Of The Year, and that was Jacob Boekma. 

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