Success at Bagtown: Sackville’s craft brewery

Discussing festive drinks and various events hosted by Bagtown

Bagtown started as an idea for a class project in an entrepreneurship class at Mt. A in 2016 and has now grown into a beloved spot for all Sackville residents to gather. Bagtown is currently run by Anthony Maddalena and is located at 45B Main Street. It is the one place in town that offers a variety of local craft beers on tap.

Bagtown provides Mt. A students with summer internship opportunities. This summer, Bagtown employed Rebecca Cotton and Kennedy Wry, who have now been working under the internship for the past six months. Wry, a fourth-year biology student, states that she has learned how to brew beer and gained tips on how to run a business and various marketing skills.

Cotton, a third year commerce student, says that she has valued Maddalena’s first-hand experience in regards to operating a business. Cotton explains that her favorite part about working at Bagtown is getting to know the staff and the great management. “[Maddalena] cares about us as people and not just as staff,” says Cotton.

Bagtown has a variety of festive drinks for fall and Cotton explains that her personal favorite is “Sweata Weatha,” which is a pumpkin ale that falls more on the bitter side. In contrast, Wry prefers the sweet “Blueberry Pie ale.” Additional seasonal drinks include a Mt. A inspired “Campus” drink, also known as the Raspberry Tea Cider, which is perfect for those who prefer sweeter drinks. Wry explains that non-alcoholic drinks are also provided, such as the tarte flavoured Cranberry Soda. The Bagtown staff is currently working on creating drinks for the upcoming holiday season.

According to the staff at Bagtown, the brewery provides students with a safe hangout spot, where they are able to make connections with Sackville locals. “I have made many connections and friendships with people in town,” says Wry.

Some of Bagtown’s success can be attributed to the various events hosted there. Every Wednesday, the brewery hosts trivia nights, where all the cover fees are donated to a local charity. Wry explains that they raise $100 on average every Wednesday night, with a high of $260. “It filled the gap of what to do on a Wednesday evening in Sackville,” says Cotton. Trivia nights have been a success, seeing that 40 to 70 people usually attend.

Recently, Bagtown hosted an Oktoberfest event. Customers were provided with a 34 oz. beer, with a free drink refill, and a sausage. Discounted drink refills were provided along with live music and games. Due to the success of Oktoberfest, Wry states that it is “on the books for next year.”

Bagtown also offers students various opportunities to host club events. Additional events hosted at Bagtown include Mt. A’s Commerce Society mixer and a trivia night hosted by the Political Science and International Relations Society.

Bagtown serves as a place where people can attend various events and safely socialize, all while supporting a local brewery established by Mt. A alumni.

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