Take a tour below campus through Mt. A’s tunnels

Beneath Mount Allison’s grounds lies a side of campus hidden from everyday view—an extensive network of service tunnels snake their way beneath Mt. A’s buildings. Three-and-a-half km of tunnels connect campus buildings to each other and the facilities management building, from which much of the university’s heating, power and water originates. These tunnels allow facilities management to centralise Mt. A’s utilities and provide a safe way for its technicians to service them. Facilities management occasionally offers tours of these tunnels to students and community members. The Argosy took a tunnel tour with Perry Eldridge, technical services manager of facilities management, to see what lies below Mt. A’s campus.

Check out the spread here –> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2HFdEdpGF1hc2Y0eFRhZ1VIM2M/view?usp=sharing

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