The MASU elections results are in

Reid Delaney emerges victorious in a close presidential race

The Mount Allison Students Union (MASU) is an organization led by a six-person executive and three front staff, governed by a democratically elected council of students (SAC). The MASU strives to enhance the Mt. A experience through advocacy, funding opportunities, and assisting students in navigating the university’s resources. 

In a close battle of the ballots, the MASU has elected its new leadership for the upcoming term, spanning from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025. The winter election, which commenced on January 30, 2024, witnessed an impressive turnout, with 39.6% of eligible electors casting their votes.

The position of President & CEO saw close competition between two candidates, Reid Delaney and Rajan Minocha-McKenney. Ultimately, it was Delaney who got the victory with 492 votes, securing 54.5% of the total ballots, while Minocha-McKenney got 410 votes, reflecting a close margin. 

Reid Delaney


Reflecting on the significance of his victory, Reid Delaney, the newly elected President & CEO, shared his thoughts, stating, “I ran because it felt like people were not seeing their needs represented, an average voter turnout of 27.8% in the last two years backs that up. This election saw a 39.6% turnout. Of course, there’s more work to be done on engagement with students, but this is a hopeful improvement. I would like to thank the Union membership for trusting me in this role and I look forward to getting to work.” Delaney’s statement sheds light on the importance of representation and engagement within the student body, emphasizing the need for continuous efforts to address student concerns and create a more inclusive campus environment.

The newly elected Vice President of External Affairs, Lucy Rae, emerged with 502 votes, constituting 57.7% of the ballots. René Mapelu, her contender, received 368 votes, securing 42.3% of the total count.

The student body decisively voiced their support for the candidates applying for the positions of Vice President of Student Life and Vice President of Academics. Cailean Clements overwhelmingly secured the role of VP Student Life with 91.6% of the vote, while Benjamin Broadbent claimed victory as VP Academic with an impressive 93.0% of the ballots in his favour.

Grace Waldron emerged as the Arts Senator with an overwhelming mandate, securing 96.3% of the votes, showcasing strong student support for her candidacy. Similarly, Irene Tran, as the Ethnic Diversity Representative, received a significant vote of confidence from the ethnic minority student community, with 93.8% of the ballots in her favor.

The election also saw Lily Fraser elected as the First Year Representative, symbolizing a new wave of student representation within the MASU.

These elected officials, ranging from the President & CEO to various vice presidents and representatives, will play crucial roles in advocating for student interests, keeping a vibrant campus environment, and addressing important issues affecting students. Their term of service, commencing on May 1, 2024, marks a new chapter in the MASU’s history, filled with promise of dedication to serving the student community. The winter 2024 MASU election highlights the diverse leadership spirit within the student body at Mt. A, shown by the new era of representation within the student union.

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