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UN says EU-Turkey refugee deal contravenes international law

The European Union’s current proposal to send refugees back to Turkey en masse would violate the refugees’ right to protection under European and international law, say various agencies and rights groups. On Monday, Turkey offered to take back refugees and migrants who have crossed into Europe in return for more money. This offer was accepted in principle by EU leaders. The UN Human Rights Council said Europe’s commitment to resettle refugees has so far been very low, and remains so. Last September Europe agreed to relocate 66,000 refugees from Greece, which they had not yet fulfilled. The expulsion of foreigners is prohibited under the European Convention of Human Rights, said Vincent Cochetel, the European regional directory of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Several other groups have also voiced their concerns with this proposal.

Iran launches missiles with range of 300-2,000 km during military drill

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have launched several medium- and short-range ballistic missiles as part of a military exercise. These missiles, which were launched from silos in several different locations across the countries, had a range of between 300 to 2,000 km. The Iran Republic’s New Agency says these launches demonstrated Iran’s “deterrence power” and its readiness to confront threats. Tehran-based journalist Rohollah Gaghihi said the latest drill was aimed at sending a “message from Iran’s main enemies in the region.” U.S. officials said the reported missile tests are not considered a violation of the international nuclear deal with Iran.

South African training centre works to tackle youth unemployment

The current unemployment rate in South Africa is approximately 25 per cent, with more than 60,000 unemployed graduates. A training centre in Johannesburg is attempting to assist high school graduates to find work. The training centre aims to teach graduates basic technical skills like computer skills. Major issues of youth unemployment will face the future of many African countries. Almost 400 million young people may be jobless over the next 30 years across the continent.

Mexican women fight sexual harassment

Due to distrust of police in Mexico, victims of sexual assault find it difficult to report harassment. There are no laws in Mexico which punish street harassment. In protest, a group of women in Mexico City fought against sexual harassment with a song called “Sexista Punk” coupled with a confetti gun, confronting their harassers through performance. The women say they are seeing some results from their unique form of protest and have had a few apologies from men.

Three Palestinians known to be killed by fatal attacks in Jerusalem

A Palestinian man opened fire on a group of police officers before being killed by Israeli authority, resulting in the wounding of two Israeli police officers. The man shot at Israeli police in occupied east Jerusalem on Tuesday, March 8, wounding one. The shooter then fled and wounded another officer before he was killed. Earlier in the day a Palestinian rabbi was stabbed near Tel Aviv. There have been recurring stabbing incidents in addition to these attacks. Nadim Baba, a journalist in west Jerusalem, said, “There have been reports of what Israeli media are calling a stabbing spree by a Palestinian attacker.” These attacks came days before the American vice-president Joe Biden arrived in Israel for meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders.

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