Letter to the Editor

I am writing in regards to campus and storm days. I realize that our education has been greatly disturbed by the strike (at no fault to the students) and I do realize that we have a lot of material to cover. That being said, I am very upset by the university’s irresponsibility in regard to student safety.

I have fallen on two separate occasions because the campus has not been well ploughed or salted, and yet we were still expected to be in class. The main sidewalks used to get to campus are never ploughed before our 8:30 am classes and to be honest, the campus isn’t usually either. In all seriousness, I have seen the Wendy’s drive-thru ploughed better than the path in between AVDX and Barclay. I urge you to take this into consideration.

UPEI closes during snowstorms because they realize that a large majority of their students drive from across the island and highway driving is dangerous. I would expect Mount Allison to take into consideration that a majority of their students have to walk to campus, which is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than driving.

I chose Mount Allison University because of its standing and respect. This last year has shown me nothing in that regard.

– Samantha Bauer

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