Mt. St. A Releases Mental Health Action Plan

After demand from students, Mt. St. A finally acts

Last Tuesday, Mt. St. A finally released a mental health action plan for students demanding better services on campus. These demands come after years of neglect of the mental health services. Pressure only rose during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, testing ordinary students’ limits.


Recommendations on the plan include helpful advice such as “slamming a bottle of Jack and stop being a pussy.” Other notable quotes include, “You are probably the only one who feels like this right now. Have you tried being more normal?”


Some students have had issues with the institution’s action plan recommendations. Whiny complainers claim that these recommendations are insensitive and will do nothing to solve the mental health crisis. Mt. St. A Mental Health Services replied, “how about you focus on getting your money up and pop a perc or something?”


The new recommendations are causing quite a stir on campus, with many saying they are one step ahead because they were already following Mt. St. A’s recommendations.

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