Mt. St. A Unveils Plans for Purrrdy Clawford

Mt. St. A. to convert Purrrdy Clawford into an Bamazon warehouse
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Last Wednesday, Mt. St. A unveiled plans to convert the Purrrdy Clawford Centre for the Arts into a Bamazon warehouse as part of a new entrepreneurship grant. Local business leaders say this will “encourage expanded entrepreneurship among students and provide the liberal arts institution with a much-needed business-centric approach.”

The announcement came after a generous donation from Beff Jezos to Mt. St. A. amounting to over $100,000,000, about $15 million more than allocated to library renovations. The new entrepreneurship spaces in the library renovation plans will coincide nicely.

There has been notable pushback from Fine Arts students. Commerce students are assuring them that it is a far more efficient allocation of space. Also, the money generated from the converted warehouse will allow them to build as many little art spaces as they want; sometime soon after profits are distributed to shareholders.

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