Letter to the Editor: Re: Heather Chandler

Dear Editor,

On behalf of Mount Allison’s President, Dr. Robert Campbell, I would like to respond to The Argosy’s invitation to publish a response to the letter submitted by Heather Chandler in the May 9, 2013 edition

To begin, it goes without saying that the University does not discuss particular issues of a private nature in public. All such issues are dealt with through a process that protects the privacy of all those who are concerned.

With respect to the broader issues of student security and policy processes, the staff of Mt. A takes reports of this nature very seriously and addresses them conscientiously and thoroughly to the best of their capacity. The safety and security of our students is of the utmost priority and importance to us. Our objective is to address each situation in a consistent, compassionate, fair, and individualized manner, while working through the University’s established procedures in order to find a resolution. In a minority of cases, the results of such processes are not always conclusive and can lead to parties being unsatisfied with the result.

University policies in this and other areas are reviewed continuously, in order to ensure that they are meeting our community’s standards and needs. We will continue to make every effort possible to ensure our policies and processes are effective and will continue to communicate our policy and processes widely in regards to safety and security.

For more information on safety and security matters and services at Mt. A, please visit http://www.mta.ca/safe/.

Gayle Churchill

Director of Student Life, Mount Allison University

Editor’s note: the preceding letter was received by The Argosy on May 13, in response to our invitation to publish the administration’s response immediately. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet the terms of the invitation at that time. The Argosy regrets the delay, and looks forward to publishing this letter in print in our next issue.

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