You deserve to be heard

Last year, I realized I could transform my unorganized, unrefined, and highly unfiltered thoughts and ideas into a format closely scrutinized by rigid Canadian journalistic standards. The action of mindlessly hurling my takes on relevant topics into the dark abyss turned into an illuminating series of discussions and engagements with my peers, local town residents, and generally anyone interested in hearing a random third-year university student express their opinion about whatever topics that came to mind. I soon found that what I perceived to be an inconsequential point of view was fostering debate and discussion with my peers. My writing was receiving engagement from somewhere outside the classroom, which was a realm outside of my comfort zone.


Contributing was my first real introduction to The Argosy, an independent student

newspaper and “one of the oldest official student publications in the country.” Since then, I have chosen to immerse myself in this new form of writing and idea-sharing. I am now the

Opinions Editor for the paper, where I hope to seek out and rally fellow opinion-holders to

contribute to the chasm that I have thrown myself into. And you, dear reader, who may share

the same interest in dialogue that I shared and acted upon, you have the chance to sway crowds! Shape public opinion! Monopolize the marketplace of ideas! The potential is limitless when your thoughts are further perceived as legitimate through publication in a professional journalistic format!


I must stress that any opinion you may have, no matter how gritty and thought-provoking or passionately niche, is very much welcomed into my inbox. Whether it is your ranking of Wii Sports game modes (boxing should be number one) or a hot take on the capitalist mode of production, they will be granted equal publication treatment by yours truly. You may be taken aback by opening yourself up to the public like this and exposing your most profound truths on paper, but fear not! This paper is a safe space for people like you and me, where vulnerable writing is encouraged, and thoughtful debate is the norm. The beauty of The Argosy is that it is grassroots, and articles are not bogged down with esoteric academic jargon or exclusionary topics. Well, at least we try to make reading as accessible as possible. No expertise is needed; you are the master of your mind, and your word is final. All you require is passion to express your interests and beliefs within societal discourse. Everyone has an opinion, so why not share yours?


So, are you as exhilarated as I am to throw your ideas out into the abstract of civil society and strongly desire to be heard no matter the topic? In that case, I highly encourage you to submit anything to this email: [email protected], where I will personally read your work and help you achieve the publication status you have always desired! Do not wait! Speak now!

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