Despite the low bar for DC, its newest flick somehow manages to be worse than you think We all wanted Justice League to be good, didn’t we? The blockbuster landscape is Marvel’s playground right now. DC possesses the only superhero characters (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) with enough pop-culture clout to possibly rival Marvel. I […]

Joss Whedon of Avengers fame grossly misreads Shakespeare in a frustrating adaptation The year was 2012. In between making Avengers flicks, Marvel’s chief creative, Joss Whedon, stole a few weeks of time to direct an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Filmed over 12 days in Whedon’s own home, the movie likely […]

NBC once had the most elegantly macabre show on  TV Hannibal is a brilliant show that was condemned to die; it had a bad time slot on an unlikely, fairly mid-tier network. That’s not a criticism of NBC – the network makes good shows, but it’s just not HBO, AMC or FX. It’s not known […]

What would happen if Adolf Hitler woke up in modern 2014 (so pre-Trump) Berlin? What would he do? How would the German people react? Look Who’s Back, a ground-breaking German-made dramedy, seeks to explore and answer these questions. Initially, Look Who’s Back is as uncomfortable as you would think, a fact of which the film […]

Have you ever seen a slasher flick? They all follow a fairly typical formula: Our protagonist (or final girl, as they’re known in the genre) is always a chaste Good Girl. She’s a better person than her friends because she’s a babysitter. Her friends are into sex and drinking. They die because they’re Bad People […]

The woods contain horrors – and wonders. Embrace them to live deliciously. Happy Spooktober, dear reader! In the spirit of October and celebrating all things spooky, I’ve decided to forego the Vogue’s offering this week to review what is, in my opinion, a modern spooky classic. The Witch is a deeply disturbing tour de force […]

I had not heard about The Bad Batch until a few hours prior to seeing it, which I think was to the film’s benefit. I was looking for clues as to where the narrative was going, and the film’s opening few minutes gave me lots to grab onto. The opening is well shot and incredibly […]

While waiting in line for The LEGO NINJAGO® Movie, I saw children running around screaming, hyped out of their minds. A few clung to their mothers and quietly ordered their popcorn. It was a sea of youthful emotions coming together to watch The LEGO NINJAGO® Movie at 7 p.m. on a Saturday. I was the […]

Assassins aren’t born, they’re made. Badly. I’ll just get out there and say it: This is a bad, thematically obtuse movie that eerily glorifies real world violence without any objection to the brutality unfolding onscreen. Our protagonist, Mitch Rapp (played by Dylan O’Brien), is quite honestly a walking, talking gun. His only personality trait other […]