We need to talk about consent. When we talk about consent there are a number of factors we need to consider, because consent is more than just a single, vocal, enthusiastic “Yes.” Particularly, we need to talk about how consent cannot be given if there is any abuse of trust, power or authority. Consent is […]

Maritime universities come together to discuss mental health initiatives According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), in any given year one in five Canadians will experience a mental health problem or illness. The stigma surrounding mental health – which everyone has – is something Jack.org is working hard to change. According to the organization’s […]

Wellness Centre offering flu vaccinations on campus Many people who don’t get their flu shot don’t realize how they are putting others, as well as themselves, at risk. Some people might be scared of needles, while others do not see the importance of the flu shot. Others may want to understand what they are putting […]

As an observer and analyst of the intersection between religion and culture, I am academically fascinated and personally horrified by the recent dynamics of religion in Western culture. The church has been in decline in the past 25 years, and many observers have predicted its eventual demise. Now, in 2018, I think that it can […]

Stoners rejoice! Yes, recreational cannabis legalization finally came into effect on Oct. 17, marking a great day for Canada and, therefore, the world. While many naysayers speculated that society would collapse in a half-baked haze, it seems as though all crises have been averted in the wake of legal weed being ushered in across the […]

International Centre provides opportunities for students to study at universities around the world On Oct. 16, Mount Allison hosted the International Exchange Fair as part of International Education Week. The annual fair highlights the learning opportunities available for students through the university’s partnerships with other institutions. The fair began with an information session led by […]