11 things I do instead of studying for 20 hours a week

1) Think about how cool it would be if they taught babies how to smoke cigarettes

2) Dig up every square inch of dirt in this town looking for the bones of the MTA swans for ritualistic purposes

3) Many failed attempts teaching my young 6 month old son, Thrashcore MacQuarrie, how to smoke cigarettes.

4) Doing chin ups in every door frame on campus in an attempt to get swole

5) Having existential breakdowns over the few philosophy readings I did do

6) Scouring the dark net for as many banned Gerber Baby memes my filthy eyes can fit in their corneas

7) Cutting off all my body hair and molding it into a hair throne to sit in

8) Making shitty top ten lists full of nonsense

9) Cranking it

10) Guzzling all the half-full beers left over from the weekend I can find lying around my apartment

11) Listening to as many eurodance club hits from the 90’s backwards in an attempt to find satanic messages (which I count as studying)

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