A simple(ton’s) crossword

Rachelle Crossword

ACROSS 1. a type of alcoholic beverage OR could refer to a supernatural being 4. the amount of aroma, flavour, and palate weight that an alcoholic beverage possesses OR “arm” or “leg” 6. to calculate the root of a number in mathematics OR a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form 8. a measure of liquor in a glass OR “hand” 11. antonym of “mean” or “impolite” OR a sweetened alcoholic beverage  13. a strong, sweet, and typically dark type of alcohol OR a harbour, 14. antonym of “increase” OR the act of lowering the alcoholic strength by adding water 16. to stop or restrict the flow of something OR a part of a wineglass 18. an alcoholic beverage OR homophone to a high-pitched complaining sound 19. a tool for lifting heavy objects OR another name for the word “whiskey”

DOWN 2. a piece of evidence OR the indication of alcoholic strength  3. a type of whiskey in which a significant amount of grain is used OR a person’s facial expression of dissatisfaction 4. a feeling of resentment caused by a bad experience OR a type of liquor that is flavoured with the sharp pungent taste of a plant 5. antonym of “warm” OR synonym for “cool”  7. a fabric designed to insulate beverage containers OR a part of a shirt 9. vacant OR opposite of occupied 10. a drink typically made from fermented and crushed apples OR a non-alcoholic holiday beverage 12. soft drink OR a dark, sweetened carbonated beverage 15. synonym for “beverage” OR the term for an alcoholic beverage 17. ingredients for making a particular type of drink OR a soundtrack which consists of a number of separate recordings   – See more at: http://argosy.ca/article/simpletons-crossword#sthash.QDyAdyxk.dpuf

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