Desperate costume ideas

Quick and easy:
  1. Spongebob: All that’s needed for this costume is a ton of yellow sticky notes, brown shorts, and maybe a spatula. Enjoy your night of perpetually sticking sticky notes back onto yourself.
  2. Ghost: The basic bitch of last minute costumes, nothing else to say.
  3. Regina George: We do not mean dressing up in lingerie and some kind of animal ears. We mean the real Regina George look:the nipples cut out of the tank top.
  4. Where’s Waldo: Simple, just need a striped shirt, a hat, and glasses. If you don’t have a striped shirt just paint them onto a white shirt. The only problem is you will be dealing with the same two jokes about Waldo all night.
  5. Underwear model: Great idea for those of us that have been hitting the gym and want to flex in front of our friends, or flirt with your crush. Biggest requirement for this costume is confidence.
  6. Pun costumes: Should only be used as a last resort. You may think your costume is funny, and people may even tell you they like it. But they don’t and it isn’t. Costumes include: taping candy and googly eyes to your shirt and calling yourself eye candy, writing “life” on a shirt and carrying around lemons, handing it out to people, and giving up and writing “error 404 costume not found” on your shirt.
  7. Candy monster: Simple, stick a bunch of halloween candy all over your body with duct tape. You’ll be popular at the party, and people will help you get out of your costume all night. 
  8. Dalmatians: White shirt with black polka dots, nothing could be easier. It conveniently explains why your girlfriend has you on a leash.
  9. Cheerleader: If you peaked in high school, this costume is perfect for you. Just grab the cheerleading costume you brought to university for no reason and throw it on.
  10.  Lab coat: This is for all the first years in chemistry. Throw on your lab coat and be a crazy scientist. 
  Cringe couple costumes:
  1. Beauty and the Beast: Let’s be honest. Between you and your partner, you are the beast and they are the beauty.
  2. Nun and Pastor: I swear to god if I have to see one more couple say, “she usually calls me daddy but tonight she will say father,” I’m becoming agnostic.
  3. Ken and Barbie:  Ducky’s could fill a dance floor with all the couples that are going to go as Barbie and Ken this year.
  Expert level:
  1. Shrimp: There’s no explanation for this one, it’s just really hard to pull off.
  2. Scuba Diver: Duct taping a mini keg to your back and calling it an oxygen tank will make the hangover tomorrow 10 times worse, but you will make many friends at the party.
  3. The Cube: You will most likely require PVC piping, tin foil, and copious amounts of free time to pull this off. But, you will be a legend in Sackville for doing this.

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